Welcome to YOUTH YAP!

Welcome to YOUTH YAP! Youth Yearning Awareness & Purpose

Calling all young people (anyone under the age of 30). This will the location of your new website page / information centre. Below is what was recently sent out in our SHUC SNIPPETS newsletter and this is the page we hope you’ll be adding your ideas, thoughts, stories and programming.

The Communications Team is looking for answers to some very important questions!

  • What is missing from “church” that would make you want to come out and join in?
    What would you like to see Sydenham-Heritage U.C. doing differently?
  • What works at Sydenham-Heritage U.C?
  • What interests you? What are your talents and gifts and what would you like support with getting to use them?
  • Do you have any interest in audio/visual arts?
  • Are you interested in publishing/printing, journaling, story-telling?
  • Can you see yourself as a mentor?
    Would you yourself benefit from being mentored?
  • Are you interested in music… participating, learning, teaching or sharing music and musical talents?
  • Are you interested in cooking? What about gaming – electronic, board or court games?
  • What about reading, sewing, gardening, knitting/crocheting/macrame; there are so many areas of interest to explore and the possibilities for reaching out to likeminded youth are almost as endless.

So to start this new adventure, the Communications Team have added a new column for the Youth of our community and hope that you will be soon providing the articles and ideas for this new section of our newsletter.
If you’d like to have a voice within your church family this is a good place to start. Let us know what you need and want. Let’s start the conversation NOW! Share your thoughts and ideas by contacting the church by email at sydenham.heritage@gmail.com