Donate through Canada Helps

What is Canada Helps?

Whether you want to give once, give monthly, or donate a security or mutual fund for great financial benefits, with CanadaHelps you can donate online to any registered Canadian charity. You can even give in tribute or in memory. And, you’ll always receive a charitable tax receipt.  During this time of self-isolating and quarantines, it is easy to forget that others still need our help.  Thanks to this on-line donation platform, we here at Sydenham-Heritage United Church can also avail ourselves of the ease of continuing to support the work of our church, and not just our church, Canada Helps will allow you to support any registered Canadian charity.

Giving has never been easier. If you find you are unable to continue your givings through PAR (Pre-authorized Remittance) or by dropping your giving envelopes off to the Church office, then maybe Canada Helps can simplify things for you.  NOTE:  You need to know that donations to the church definitely go directly to the church but your tax receipt is from “Canada Helps” so will not be added to your annual givings receipt from the church.

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