June 6th, 2021, 10:30 A.M.
9:00 a.m. Worship Service @ Bell Lane, 55 Diana
10:30 a.m. Worship ONLINE AT twitch.tv/sydenhamheritageuc

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The Word comes to life for us this morning from 2 Corinthians 12:2-10  and Mark 6:1-13 .

Reflection – The Strength of Weakness

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Rev. Dr. Paul Shepherd, Minister
Rev. Wayne Myhre, Minister Emeritus
Rev. Con Estoesta, Minister Emeritus
Trevor Dalton, Music Director
Aileen Johnston, Sunday School Superintendent
Linda Brown, Custodian
Aileen Johnston, Office Coordinator
Audio/Video Techs, Lyle Sylvester, Jim Linington
Organists Bell Lane, Cynthia Advincula, Ruth Sylvester, Pat Dawood

Every Person Is a Superhero:
Esbikenh’s Story
We all have superpowers. Generosity is one of them. But did you know that the power of generosity through Mission & Service supports real-life superheroes?
Esbikenh was once a junior kindergarten teacher. While he grew up knowing his ancestral language, Anishinaabemowin (pronounced Ah-nish-nah-BEM-win), sadly the children he taught didn’t. “One day I turned on YouTube and saw superhero videos. I thought, ‘Why not make these videos and we will just have all the superheroes speak in Anishinaabemowin?’” says Esbikenh.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action include reclaiming, revitalizing, strengthening, and maintaining Indigenous languages. This is critical for cultural revitalization. It’s also important because when people are able to speak their ancestral language, self-understanding and self-esteem grows, health improves, and the sense of connection and relationships with others flourishes. Knowing how important learning Anishinaabemowin is to the children he once taught. Esbikenh applied for a project grant from the United Church.
The Healing Fund which is nearly entirely funded through Mission & Service, addresses the ongoing impacts of the
residential school system.
With financial support secured, Esbikenh’s filming has begun. When the videos are finished, they will be used as an
educational resource for teachers, parents, and anyone who wants to learn the Anishinaabemowin language.
Ashley Riley, the librarian and arts coordinator at Antler River Elementary School of Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Ontario, plays a starring role in the films. She describes the systemic oppression of Indigenous peoples in Canada that results in the loss of language, among other things. Ashley’s mother is a residential school survivor, and because she wasn’t allowed to speak her language at school Ashley didn’t learn it growing up. “We weren’t allowed to speak our own languages. We weren’t allowed to be who we were. We weren’t allowed to practise our own ceremonies. My mother grew up thinking the language wasn’t that important. She’s slowly learning now. She
says a prayer every morning in her own language. I’m hoping the community will get involved in creating more language videos,” Ashley says.
Why did Ashley decide to participate in a video project? She believes each one of us has the power to make a difference. “Every single person is a superhero. Every single person has a gift to share with the world. I think the most important thing is realizing the gift you can bring to your community,” she says.
Through Mission & Service, your generous gifts help repair harm and extend hope. Please support the vital, healing work we do together. We can do much more together than we ever could alone. Thank you!

The Incredible Difference Your Gifts Make:
Bill’s Story
None of us can go a single day without having an impact on someone’s life. And we can’t always predict how what we do to help change a life might wind up changing ours, too.
Take Bill Darnell. Bill’s love affair with nature began at camp, but it didn’t end there. Far from it. Bill’s childhood experience of camp wound up inspiring one of the world’s most influential environmental movements.
“Camping had a big effect on me. I grew up in suburbia and didn’t have much access to the natural world. Camping was an opportunity to go out and be in nature. It was amazing. Being at camp solidified my strong connection with the natural world,” he says.
Bill’s early camp experience instilled such a love of nature that when he became an adult, he became an environmental activist. “When I was 25 years old, not far removed from my years in camp, I saw that they were testing nuclear weapons.
That was so obviously wrong that I felt I had to do something to stop it,” he says. So Bill and a small group of friends anxiously climbed on board an 85-foot fishing boat later dubbed Greenpeace. Together, they set sail for Alaska to stop the testing of a nuclear bomb. Greenpeace as a movement was born.
Bill’s story proves that camping experiences in childhood can lead to a lifelong commitment to care for God’s creation.
As scientists and activists sound the alarm around climate change and experts report that not spending enough time
outside is having an impact on our children’s health and well-being, outdoor ministry has never been more crucial. It’s just one of the many reasons why Mission & Service really matters.
Your Mission & Service gifts support over two dozen United Church-run camps across the country. Every year, your
generosity gives thousands of children an opportunity to go to camp. There, they learn life skills, meet other campers, explore faith, and spend time outside.
Like Bill, some young people may leave camp so impressed by the natural environment that they get on board a movement to take care of it. “Camping made an incredible difference in my life. I know it will make an incredible difference to young people across Canada. I give thanks to those who support it,” Bill says.
Please make a gift to Mission & Service today. Your support not only makes a difference right now but also has an impact on the future for all of us who are blessed to live in the beautiful world God created.

DID YOU KNOW…that the Benevolent Fund purchases grocery cards to give to those who are not as fortunate as we are???

DID YOU KNOW…that Rev Paul occasionally uses benevolent funds to help people who have come to the church seeking assistance.

DID YOU KNOW…that donations to the Benevolent Fund can be made at any time, using the special envelopes that are available in the pew racks, or by indicating ‘Benevolent Fund’ on the ‘Other’ line of your regular envelope. Anything you can give to this fund enables us to help those living on the edge of life. Please be generous, the need is great.

Thank you.