4th SUNDAY after PENTECOST/Canadian Multiculturalism Day/Communion Sunday 
June 28th, 2020, 10:30 A.M.
9:00 a.m. Worship Service @ Bell Lane, 55 Diana CANCELLED
10:30 a.m. Worship ONLINE AT twitch.tv/sydenhamheritageuc

Click here for a copy of the bulletin. The service will not follow this exactly, but will give you a good sense of what to expect.

The Word comes to life for us this morning from Acts 17:22-31 & John 14:15-21.

Message – Go to the World!

Please join us for coffee after the service. If you are using the chat window, click on the link there.
If not, go to zoom.us, click on “join a meeting” and for meeting ID enter 206 091 532

Rev. Dr. Paul Shepherd, Minister
Rev. William MacKinnon, Minister of Pastoral Care
Rev. Wayne Myhre, Minister Emeritus
Rev. Con Estoesta, Minister Emeritus; Volunteer Associate Minister (VAM)
Joan McSpadden, Diaconal Minister Emeritus
Aileen Johnston, Sunday School Superintendent
Linda Brown, Custodian
Aileen Johnston, Office Coordinator
Audio/Video Techs, Lyle Sylvester, Jim Linington
Organists Bell Lane, Cynthia Advincula, Ruth Sylvester, Pat Dawood

that the Benevolent Fund purchases grocery cards to give to those who are not as fortunate as we are???

that Rev Paul and Rev Bill occasionally use benevolent funds to help people who have come to the church seeking assistance.

that donations to the Benevolent Fund can be made at any time, using the special envelopes that are available in the pew racks, or by indicating ‘Benevolent Fund’ on the ‘Other’ line of your regular envelope. Anything you can give to this fund enables us to help those living on the edge of life. Please be generous, the need is great.
Thank you.


A Safe Home 
Down a long road behind a large fence in Nairobi, Kenya, is a safe house for LGBTQIA and Two-Spirit refugees from Uganda, Somalia, and South Sudan, supported by Mission & Service partner Pembizo Christian Council The refugees who live here dream of a day they are resettled in Canada or another country where they can live freely without fear of imprisonment.

While the group waits to be resettled, they have named themselves Nature Network and spend their time creating art. Whether it is movies, dance, or vlogs to post on Facebook, the group always puts their best foot forward.

In 2017, a small group of Mission & Service pilgrims visited the safe house and received a warm welcome. When some of the visitors shared that they were LGBTQIA and Two Spirit and they were openly in relationships, the residents cheered, since that’s what they’d been praying would be possible for them one day.

We are thankful that in The United Church of Canada there are opportunities to sponsor and support LGBTQIA and Two-Spirit refugees.

If Mission & Service giving is already a regular part of your life, thank you so much! If you have not given, please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith. Loving our neighbour is at the heart of our Mission & Service.