2020 Lenten Flyer

LENT 2020

LENTEN REFLECTION GROUPS (Christianity 101)  This is an invitation to learn about our faith. Rev. Paul will present some material of course, but the core of the group is discussing our own understanding of faith and how our faith has changed over time.

Christianity 101 Discussion Groups

The Christianity 101 Discussion Groups will not be meeting face to face, but we are still meeting.
As a teaser to get you fired up to talk about faith issues, check out:
  • onbeingchristian, a web site made by Rev. Paul with some of the course materials.
And on Mondays @ 7, and Tuesdays @ 1 pm, goto this web page:
Rev. Paul will live stream a presentation and facilitate a discussion. You can ask questions by sending messages through the stream chat feature.
Note: We are likely all new to this technology for discussion groups, so please be patient with each other (and me!). But I hope that meeting in this way will be better than not having meetings at all. I look forward to your questions and comments, which I know will be stimulating.
I believe (I’ve never done this before) that you can watch everything without signing in, but to post a comment you may have to create an account. The web site makes that pretty simple.
And my apologies in advance for those who do not use the Internet. I look forward to face-to-face discussions with you in future.
Rev. Paul


LENTEN SPECIAL EVENTS Dates and times for all the LENTEN Activities planned this year.

Check out Page 2 of the above flyer for dates of the Lenten Reflection Groups (Christianity 101)

and a list of the LENTEN EVENTS planned.

We have a lot to learn from each other. Come and share.

Come if you have lots of questions. Come if you already have lots of answers.