Sydenham-Heritage United Church is proud to announce the launch of our new website!

The website will help Sydenham-Heritage to reach out to our community as well as keep the congregation connected and informed.

Among the features and capabilities of the new site is a posting system to allow interested parties to contribute to the website by submitting news, events and updates. The Announcements section of the site displays five categories of internal announcements related to Sydenham-Heritage. There is also a page where anyone can contribute community announcements.

Sydenham-Heritage United Church is an active church with a growing variety of projects and committees. The new system will improve communication and help distribute the workload for getting announcements on the website. Also, allowing outside parties to submit community news for their groups and organizations will help us stay engaged in our community as well as share the work of Sydenham-Heritage with those that may not know us. All announcement contributions are submitted to the site and reviewed before being posted publicly.

In addition to the new posting system for internal and external news, updates and events, the new website includes an email blast component so that Sydenham-Heritage can maintain better communication with the congregation, volunteers and team leaders that comprise Sydenham-Heritage. The blast will be sent out to subscribers to let them know about new events and information as well as keep them up-to-date on existing news and topics of interest. We encourage all members to subscribe (if not already) but you can unsubscribe at anytime if you no longer want to receive the blast. The unsubscribe link is at the bottom of the blast.

The website was created by local marketing agency Digital Duck Inc. Roger Duck of Digital Duck Inc. believes that the website will help us to organize our many departments and introduce Sydenham-Heritage to a larger audience.

“Allowing like-minded community organizations to post their news and events to the website will allow others to discover Sydenham-Heritage. The new posting system will help spread the workload and improve communications and the email blast will keep everyone in the loop and encourage participation in Sydenham-Heritage events and projects. We’re thrilled we could help Sydenham-Heritage to leverage the modern web to support their traditional methods of engaging their congregation and the greater community.”

Check out the links below to view the Announcements sections or click on Contact Us to send us feedback about the website. We succeed with your support!

Internal Announcements
Community Announcements
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