April 28th, 2024
10:30a.m. Worship (also ONLINE AT

Masking inside our church building is optional. As your church board we know this to be an emotional and very personal choice, so remember to be kind and respect each other’s decision to mask or not mask. The board will continue to monitor monthly as agreed upon and will keep the congregation advised and included accordingly.

CLICK HERE for a copy of this week’s bulletin.

The Word comes to life for us this morning from Psalm 121

Ministry of MusicGift of Music

Join us for UCW Turkey Soup Luncheon after the service with coffee provided by the Property Committee.

Please join us for coffee after the service.  If you are using the chat window, click on the link there or go to, scroll down to the calendar, and click the link for Sunday AUDIO.

If you’ve missed the service, go to our YouTube Channel to watch the recording.

Rev. Wayne Myhre, Minister Emeritus
Rev. Con Estoesta, Minister Emeritus
Trevor Dalton, Music Director
Bob Woodhouse, Custodian
Aileen Johnston, Office Coordinator
A/V Techs: Lyle Sylvester, Greg Pickard, Danielle Damon

DID YOU KNOW…that the Benevolent Fund purchases grocery cards to give to those who are not as fortunate as we are???

DID YOU KNOW…that we occasionally use benevolent funds to help people who have come to the church seeking assistance.

DID YOU KNOW…that donations to the Benevolent Fund can be made at any time, using the special envelopes that are available in the pew racks, or by indicating ‘Benevolent Fund’ on the ‘Other’ line of your regular envelope. Anything you can give to this fund enables us to help those living on the edge of life. Please be generous, the need is great.

Thank you.