Please see our online calendar for links and information on all services and meetings.

Friday, June 24th
7:00 pm Friday Fun Night (Fellowship Room)

Sunday, June 26th
Building Community/Communion
10:30 am worship – online/in-person

Monday, June 27th
9:30 am Safe Zone (Calder Hall)
1:00 pm Drum Circle – Victoria Park

Tuesday, June 28th
9:00 am Fix-it Club
10:00 am Coffee Time (Calder Hall)
1:00 pm Crafty Friends (Sunshine Room)
6:30 pm Prayer Group – online
7:00 Healing Circles for Grieving

Wednesday, June 29th
9:30 am Safe Zone (Calder Hall)
9:30 am Outreach Project (Kitchen)
10:30 am Coffee (Fellowship Room)

Thursday, June 30th
2:00 pm Healing Circle for Grieving (Fellowship Room)

Friday, July 1st
Canada Day – office closed

Sunday, July 3rd
Worship at St. Andrew’s United Church
10:00 am worship