Rev. Daryl Webber

I grew up at Erindale United Church in Mississauga, was baptized in the hall before the sanctuary was completed, was a youth delegate to General Council Youth Forum in 1984 at a profound moment in our denominations life and as a teen. I entered into seminary at Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, served two summer internships, one in Brooks Alberta and the second in Woodstock NB. Then I was settled at 28 years old in the rural prairie of Saskatchewan. I have just finished a two year appointment with Simcoe Street UC in Oshawa that is home to the very large Mission to the folks experiencing housing and food insecurity, Mental Health and Addiction crisis. I have never learned about the friends of Jesus as I did there! Every experience since first a youth at Erindale, has built upon the former and even now I am wondering what shall be honed in my own discipleship as I work with you folks in your process.

I think of the years of practice and long influence of being a member of the church has had on my life. We cultivate good gifts as we serve in the church.

I also think about the influence of being a great grandchild of a British Home
Child has had on my story, along with my long relationship with watercolour painting, writing and the guitar too. I’m a dabbler and no expert or best selling author, but some things I do just bring reflection, imagination, creativity and help ground me in both creativity and a way of observing the world around. I get in touch this way, learn to make a contribution back and find a pocket of energy within. It isn’t likely a unique model for living. I’m sure I share similar patterns with you as well. I’d be interested in hearing how playfulness makes it into your life and discipleship!

Currently I live in Milton. My wife is a middle school art teacher and avid antique collector, we have three children, a couple of Springer Spaniels and I would be remiss if I didn’t include the two Guinea Pigs, Waffles and Olive, who are both delightful and excellent singers!

As we prepare for the journey ahead it is with a sense of gratitude and God’s peace that I join you!

Daryl Webber