A Warm Invitation from Michael

As the days become warmer and the plants and wildlife at Five Oaks are in full blossom, we continue to be excited about the possibilities that this summer will bring us. Smelling the flowers blooming, feeling the grass between our toes, and hearing the water rush down the Grand River reminds us that we are grounded in this sacred place, and that we are tied to the land and the history here. This summer, we invite you to come and ground yourself at Five Oaks, and to be reminded of the roots that connect us and shape our lives. Whether you wish to join us for a personal retreat at the Hermitage, plan a retreat in our Main Building, or join in one of our summer programs, we welcome you warmly on site. Click here to make a booking, and click here to see the current programs we are offering.
It is very exciting to welcome more people back on site this summer, with two of our community partners joining us for another season. Brave Waves is back again to offer swimming lessons at the pool, and Grand River Rafting has a new launch site down on the lower campus to offer tubing and rafting rides. Grand River Outdoor Wilderness Education (GROWE) has concluded another season, and we look forward to connecting again with them this fall.
All of these programs and events and this sacred space would not be possible without the generous, continued support of donors, volunteers, staff, and the Board of Directors. We are very thankful for all the ways our community shows up to support the centre and the work going on here. If you would like to make a financial donation, please click here.
– Michael Shewburg, Executive Director

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Our AGM Report is now available!We hope you like the format of the new Five Oaks Annual Meeting Report, which shares our achievements with words, clear financial information and photos from the last year.